The 47th Omer

We have almost reached the end of the period of counting the omer. Although I haven't been writing about it each day, I have been studying the attributes and reflecting on my actions and intentions during the last seven weeks. Let's start with the blessing over counting the omer:

At nightfall this evening, May 20, 2015, we will count the 47th day - or six weeks and five days - in the omer. For this day, we add the following:

The attribute of the 47th day in the omer is Hod of Malchut, or Humility in Nobility. What could that possibly mean? This refers to our sovereignty. If we believe in a higher power that created us and gave us free will, we should humbly acknowledge that this was a great gift.

Each of us has unique, individual characteristics and special qualities that make us who we are. But how we use those qualities is important. Do they make us humble or arrogant, and do we truly appreciate them?

I try my best to use the skills and experience I have to improve the world and inspire the people around me. I am humble enough to admit that it may not make much of an impact or a difference, but I'm also hopeful, and thankful that I am in a position to do so.

Posted on May 20, 2015 .